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Your Mindset Matters

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Day 281


Your mindset matters, and it's up to you and you alone. Whatever your pursuit, it is likely that your mindset will, ultimately be the limiting (or unlimiting factor).

Mindfulness is a hot topic across many disciplines. It is your sense of focus in a given moment and an awareness of what is going on inside your head.

That awareness is essential as you go about molding a productive mindset.

The thoughts you feed are the thoughts you will grow. There isn't space in your head for productive and unproductive thoughts at the same time. You can't feed them both simultaneously. Feed the thoughts that will take you toward your destination.

Unproductive or negative thoughts are going to try and push their way in. And, just like weeds in a garden, if you aren't aware of them and don't tend to them, they will choke out the fruit. This is why it is important to acknowledge and be aware of their existence. Like the weeds, negative or unproductive thoughts don't need much nourishment to grow. Mostly, they just need space. Their food is disregard and neglect: a failure to acknowledge.

On the other hand, the thoughts that make up a positive, productive, and winning mindset are like the fruit in that they require consistent nourishment and attention.

It takes more time and effort to build a strong productive mindset when you start out in a poor place mentally than it does for a negative mindset to sneak in and destroy a positive one.

Practice being in the right headspace daily, and have a strategy that you can go to that helps you identify unproductive thoughts, so that you can replace them with good ones, before they have a chance to take root and multiply. It's your headspace. You control how you use it. Own it. Your mindset matters.



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