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Why Your Kids Should Do Gymnastics

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Day 331


Today was Ace's first day of gymnastics class.

After watching how well he took instruction from one of the ladies last week during Adventure Hour (basically a 5 and under mass chaos free for all), we decided to sign him up for an actual class. Hope wasn't particularly excited that she had to sit for an hour and watch before Adventure Hour started, but apparently it was worth the wait. Adventure Hour was so much fun, she pooped her pants (potty training is fun too)...

I had to leave before that excitement, but the 20 minutes that I got to watch before heading to work might have been the funniest 20 minutes of my son's nearly 4 years of life.

Watching the kids try to learn how to do jumping jacks is similar to watching the inflatable dancing windsock man that will soon take some vacation time from the local car dealership so that he can dance around outside the offices of a tax professional near you.

Sara and I may have had more fun watching him than he had flopping around, and that's saying a lot because he was thoroughly enjoying himself. I haven't seen him more excited on many occasions.

Aside from the funny, I'm definitely looking forward to the fine motor skills he will develop. I've heard from many sporting professionals that the best thing a parent can do to aid in the athletic development of their child is to enroll them in martial arts or gymnastics at an early age.

Martial arts will have to wait until he's a little taller. I don't need him learning how to throw a better punch while he is still crotch height. I've been on the receiving end enough times to know better than that.

All that being said, our goal isn't to prime him for his athletic future. Though Mia will always be able to say she is a National Champion acrobatic gymnast.

I mostly hope that the body awareness, flexibility, balance, and proprioception he will learn in gymnastics will help him to be less of a klutz so that he stops falling down so much and poking himself in the eye with forks.

His lunge needs some work...but at least he's not the one picking his nose...this time...



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