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Who You Are Is Bigger Than What You Do

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Day 274


What we do does not determine who we are.

Sure, the choices we make might be a reflection of our character, but success or failure at a given task does not equate to being a success or failure as a human being.

It isn't uncommon, especially among athletes...but not unique to athletes, for a person to get caught up in the doing and forget about being.

Self worth does not have a dollar sign attached to it.

We aren't called to on make millions of dollars. We aren't called on to hit homeruns or score touchdowns. We aren't called on to be CEOs or political leaders. We are called on to love God completely and to love our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:28-31).

Religion and faith aside, I think that the value of loving others is a pretty universally accepted value.

Don't get too caught up in doing. And certainly don't attach your successes and failures in trivial matters to your self worth as a human being.

Today, be the person your future self would be proud of.

Tomorrow, and every day after, be a better person than that.

If your sole focus is to improve what you do, it is easy to forget who you really are.

If you take the steps to improve who you are, you might even become better at what you do.



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