• Woody

Where's the Sign?

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Day 477

Day 467


I've been waiting for a sign.

But I don't even know what the sign looks like.

Waiting for a sign is hard work.

Lot's of questions.

Far fewer answers.

How do we know if we've seen it or not?

Will it magically tell us what do to?

How do we know where to look for it?

Are we even looking for it?

Or are we just waiting?

Do we have to go out and find the sign?

Do we have to make our own sign?

That leaves me thinking of a sentence I read recently in Start With Why, by Simon Sinek.

"How can we have 20/20 foresight?"

When I read that part, it made me laugh.

I don't have many answers.

But I do know this.

We can't have 20/20 foresight.

We've got to have faith.



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