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What's Your Name Again?

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Day 337


Some people are great with names. I am not one of them. I'm not the worst, but there is significant room for improvement.

With that in mind, I feel kind of like a bad neighbor today, but I also learned a valuable lesson.

We've lived in our place for 3 years, and we really don't know any of our neighbors. There are a couple of kids that hangout at the pool during the summertime who play with Ace and Hope. I could tell you their names, but I couldn't tell you the names of their parents.

There is a couple across the way that we talk to in passing who have a little boy Ace's age. I introduced myself when they moved in, but their names didn't stick. I know the name of their son, and I wrote down the name of his mom recently after the dad mentioned it in passing, but I have been embarrassed to admit to him that I need a refresher on his name, especially since we chat, however briefly, several times a week.

An interaction today made me realize that I need to get over myself. Our neighbor next door, who always takes the time to stop and talk when we are outside at the same time, especially if Ace or Hope are out there too, made a very kind, neighborly gesture.

He has a full beard, an impressive one, that he has clearly been cultivating for years. I mentioned to him the other day that Ace talks about it all the time. Ace is also quite impressed with his Jeep.

I currently have a thicker than normal collection of whiskers on my face that I affectionately call my winter coat. That inspired a conversation about beard grooming and ultimately led to him knocking on the door this morning with a bottle of beard shampoo for me.

He also alleviated my embarrassment by admitting that he didn't remember my name either.

So now, when Ace talks about beard guy with the Jeep, we'll be able to tell him that his name is Jay.

The next step is for me to swallow my pride and go find out the name of Evan's dad. I'd imagine he probable doesn't remember mine either.

...and in case you are wondering, which you probably aren't, my beard is a little softer and fluffier than usual after using my fancy new beard shampoo...



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