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What day is it?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Day 470


I used to title every post with the consecutive days count.

I decided a while back that coming up with a title is more fun.

But I continue to keep a running tally.

Yesterday was Day is Day 470...

You read that right.

I've been all screwed up numbers wise.

And clearly, nobody else noticed.

It really isn't that big of a deal.

But I am mildly concerned.

It appears as though somewhere along the way, I have forgotten how to count.

After noticing some improprieties in my day numbering system, I had to call for a recount.

After backtracking several weeks, it has been determined that we are officially at Day 470.

Not Day 479, as yesterday would have had you believe.

I have had my day numbers botched for sometime now.

Last week I realized that I was on day 424, 425, 426.

I knew that couldn't be right.

But now it's all ironed out.

It makes perfect sense.

Recent weeks have been all mashed together.

Who really remembers what day of the week it is.

At any rate, today is Day 470.

470 consecutive days of writing.


If you trust that I haven't lost count at other points along the way.

I'm not sure I trust myself.

However, it does look like this is blog post 467.

With a couple of double entries, Day 470 might actually be the right day.

Also, today is Tuesday for anybody keeping track.

This won't be posted till Wednesday.

Hopefully that's not too confusing.

And in case you've lost track of the months...

The calendar says it's Jun...and today is T...

Whatever that means.



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