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Waiting To Go

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Day 315


We finally went all in on potty training with Hope. I think she's been ready for a while, but if we started before our holiday adventures, it probably would have confused her. It is pretty funny watching her wait until the last possible moment to finally sit down. Even after cleaning both 1's and 2's off of the floor, it's hard not to smile.

I snapped a picture after a near successful attempt this morning, but it's rated gross, and I've elected to share it privately rather than publicly.

It's pretty incredible to think that we all started there.

So if you get frustrated with the time it may be taking you or someone you are teaching to learn a seemingly simple concept, just remember that it took most of us 2 years or more to learn how to use a toilet...and even many of us adult males still have a hard time hitting the target consistently.

Sidenote, on a similar topic...while spending last week with more than 7,000 dudes, I found myself very sympathetic to the plight of many women who have to suffer the line at a public restroom. Sitting through several hours of clinic speakers after drinking multiple cups of coffee and a bottle of water left a large number of us waiting in a long line holding on for dear life.

Thank goodness for potty training.

The struggle is real.



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