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Updated: Mar 7, 2020


Today is the National Day of Unplugging.

Fitting, since I left my charger at work last night.

Shockingly, the world continued without it.

For the morning, I was unplugged.

With no phone, and therefore, no access to my workout log, I was forced to use today's page in the journal to record my push-ups...hardly an inconvenience.

In case you were wondering, today's push-up sets were as follows : 35,35,40,45,40,35,20=250

Anytime my last set is 25 or less, I do those reps at a very slow tempo to increase time under tension, rather than taking the easy route and knocking them out in 20 seconds.

In case you weren't wondering...oops.

Either way, take some time to unplug.

I need to heed that advice myself more often.

It might be worth dedicating an hour or two each day to unplugged time.

It might work better if that time is intentionally scheduled in order to hold ourselves accountable to spending some time away from our devices.

Enough of life is already passing us by while we've been looking down at our phones.

Let's spend more time looking up.

More time engaging with our surroundings.

More time engaging with real people.

More time living life for real instead of experiencing it through the lens of a screen.

Schedule some time Unplugged.

Maybe you can use it to listen to some Nirvana on your old boom box...

Or not.




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