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Turn the Ship Around!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Day 358


Yesterday, I finished a book that forced me to reconsider my favorites list. I'm not sure that it replaced my #1, but it is easily in the Top 3.

Turn the Ship Around!, by David Marquet, delivers a message that anybody in a position of leadership, or anybody who aspires to be, needs to hear.

The reader is urged to think beyond the common hierarchical structure of the leader-follower relationship. Marquet uses his experiences as a U.S. Navy Submarine Captain to explain how the leader-follower structure is not only archaic: "a vast untapped human potential is lost as a result of treating people as followers."

Marquet champions, instead, a leader-leader approach that encourages "leadership at all levels" working together to achieve excellence.

Instead of leading a team of followers, who are passive, lacking initiative, and useless unless they have direct orders from a superior, he found ways to divest his own control and distribute it amongst the members of his crew, improve their levels of competence, and provide a clarity of vision.

By giving control, improving competence, and providing clarity, Marquet's unit was emancipated from the bonds of the leader-follower structure that they were used to, and achieved far beyond anybody's expectations.

Leadership is not a position of privilege, it is a position of great responsibility.

The best service a leader can provide to those they are charged with leading, in my opinion, is to prepare them to be great leaders in their own right.

This book provides a great example of what that looks like and how it can be accomplished.

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