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The Results Are In.

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Day 345


This morning served to remind us why going to mommy's ultrasound appointments isn't traditionally a family affair.

The room is small and heated like a sweat box, and the appointments aren't what you would call brief.

Ace was too hot, and Hope was mad because she was awake, so I took the little ones outside to throw rocks and play in the bushes of the side yard at the doctor's office. Mia stayed in the room with Sara to find out if our June arrival is a brother or a sister, which is why we let Mia skip her first class of the day and brought the whole crew in the first place.

Everybody was excited when the results came through.

It's a boy.

And don't start asking what his name is going to be, you'll find out with the rest of the world after he is born.

Ace will probably call him Gooman because he has had his heart set on that since he found out Sara was pregnant. I'll probably have to join in on that fun with him from time to time, but, I assure you, that's not what his birth certificate will say.

I'm glad that Ace gets to grow up with a brother, and Hope, no doubt, will be the toughest cookie on this side of the Mississippi, and I am truly thankful that all of them get to grow up with a big sister like Mia.

Unfortunately, the printer was down, so we don't have any ultrasound pictures of his boy parts, but Mia did snap this mugshot of his profile, and the littles got to run around with some blue balloons for a mini photo shoot with Mommy.



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