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Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Day 263


I've made it through episode 123 of the Learning Leader Show. Almost every episode is one of my favorites. Ryan Hawk is a fantastic interviewer and his guest list is packed with tremendously successful and influential business men and women, entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders. The show has provided too many wise and insightful nuggets to mention. I could write in here about something I've picked up from the Learning Leader Show on a daily basis if I really wanted to.

In episode 121, Hawk interviews another Ryan, Ryan Michler. Michler has his own podcast of 300+ episodes titled, The Order of Man that I guess I'll be binge listening to after I'm all caught up on the Learning Leader Show (only 215 episodes to go). My next 4-6 months of podcast listening are officially booked. Michler also posts a blog on his website, After listening to the interview, I joined the Order of Man mailing list, and I am excited to dig further into the material. There is also an Order of Man facebook group, if you are so inclined

My favorite part of the interview was the discussion on fatherhood. Michler is a father of 4, Hawk a father of 5. I think that fatherhood is a man's most important responsibility, provided he has children.

The Order of Man is a community, built by Michler, designed "to give men a community and resource to become better. Better at what you ask? All facets of life, from self-mastery to family, from money to contribution, and everywhere in between."

I could quote from several other areas of the website, but I won't (yet).

Since, as a college baseball coach, I am in the Man Building business, it only makes sense for me to dig deeper on this topic.

I also think that it's worth mentioning that Michler has a terrific beard.



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