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The Marla

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Day 291


Four years ago yesterday, I woke up excited to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. I was surprised to see that Sara had some special donuts waiting for us.

the year before, our wedding cake was a massive 3 tiered donut. Actually, it was more than a donut. It was a custom made Marla from Psycho Donuts in Campbell, CA. Psycho Donuts offers some unique offerings that you certainly can't get anywhere else. Most are delicious, some are pretty good, and some are flat out weird, and you certainly can't get any of them anywhere else.

The Marla, however, is heavenly. Perhaps, the best donut known to mankind. After discovering this maple bar with peanut butter and Butterfinger crumbles, we knew we had to have it be a part of our special day. So we did. And each year, on our anniversary, Sara makes sure that they have a couple of Marla's ready for us to carry on the tradition.

This year was a little different. After enjoying the massage I was gifted by my wife, I went and got a haircut so that I could come home both more relaxed and more handsome (subject to opinion). Sara went to pick up Mia from school and came home with a giant Marla, the donut pizza version, to share with all of the kids.

So we all ate desert before dinner. Uncle Rich style. To further the Uncle Rich style theme, shortly after taking the picture below, I asked Ace to make sure that it smelled okay. I shouldn't need to go into detail about what happened next, but Ace did decide that donut scraped off of his forehead tasted just as good.

And currently, Hope is dancing around the living room naked eating a slice of leftover donut pizza for breakfast. And Ace just said, "This is the yummiest thing in the world."

Thanks, Psycho Donuts, for making our special day more special, even 5 years later.



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