• Woody

The Days Are Short, Too.

Updated: Jul 27, 2021


It's been hard, lately.

Time in the morning is finite.

Shall I get up at 4:45am and go to the gym?

Shall I read?

Shall I write?

What a dilemma.

So I get up and go to the gym...

...except for when I don't...

Then I read.


But not today.

Today I write.

Today I write with much to reflect on.

I probably won't say it all.

I might not even say much.

And I certainly won't go into any further specifics,

But I shall reflect.

I've been told many times:

The days are long,

And the years are short.


I have found,

The days are short, too.


Most of the daily decisions we make are trivial.

Let us not waste our time on those ones.

The days are short.

All of them.

Cherish them.

Every one.

Be intentional about the decisions that do matter.

Those ones live forever.



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