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The Bunk Bed

Updated: May 9, 2020

Day 437


The long awaited arrival of the big kid bed for the little kids has finally passed.

The first attempt to order it included a delivery fail.

I'm not certain how you misplace an 8 foot long, 80 pound box, but it happened.

Considering that Amazon and its delivery drivers are handling massive volume and are keeping us afloat right now, I'll give them a pass. Customer service was a piece of cake.

Refunded and reordered and now I have an extra set of headboards that they basically told me to throw away.

Ace and Hope were overjoyed.

They played pirate ship until bedtime and nobody fell off...yet.

Their excitement was heartwarming.

So it is official, the baby crib is ready when baby boy decides to show up, the toddler bed is out, the kids have a new bunk bed, and dad has an aching back...totally worth it.


Tomorrow (and the next's a 2 for 1)

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