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The 8th Habit

Updated: May 1, 2020

Day 430


The 8th Habit, by Stephen Covey started out strong.

When I originally heard of the book and it's message, to help you find your voice and inspire others to do that same, I knew I wanted to read it. His thoughts on inspiration that I wrote about HERE were truly moving.

However, I have to admit, this was the first book over the last 16 months, and 32 titles, that I had a hard time staying motivated to finish. I'd like to think it mostly has to do with me not being the right audience. Much of it is hard to follow if you aren't a memeber of the business world.

I found it repetitive and hard, but not impossible, to connect with.

That being said, I love what Covey stands for at his core and how he ties in family every chance he gets. While this book won't have the same impact on me as his original work, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I was able to mine insights from every chapter.

I particularly appreciate his emphasis on approaching the whole person: body, mind, heart spirit.

He digs deep into these for elements, examining numerous attributes of each, and there is definitely value and wisdom in his words.

Like Covey, I too, have a deep admiration for human potential, and doing everything in my power to help individuals discover what they are capable of. People need models, not critics: sources of light, not judgment.

"Seeing people through the lens of human potential and their best actions, rather than through the lens of their current behavior or weaknesses, generates positive energy and reaches out and embraces others."

Was it the most enjoyable book I've read? A resounding No.

Did I find substantial value? Absolutely.

It's a tough read if you aren't in the business world, and if I ever become a high level executive, I might have to read it again.

If you aren't in business, but you are willing to sift through the mountain in search of some gold, it's definitely there to be found.



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