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Thank Somebody

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Day 390


I ventured out into the unknown this afternoon. It was my first time out in the wild in a week. We needed groceries.

I guess, in all honesty, I did make another trip a few days ago, but that was a quick trip for only a couple of things. Today, we needed everything. It was a full fledged grocery shopping adventure with the masses. Ace even gave me his Ninja Turtle Sai to protect myself from the zombies.

It's pretty surreal to see all of the empty shelves as a result of panic buying. Whole Foods was even out of ketchup. Forget about finding anything at Costco...I tried...apparently peanut butter is also an endangered species.

I'm thankful that we weren't at the end of our TP stash when all of this madness started.

I'm finding myself feeling thankful for a lot of things lately, and I'll share a couple.

1. I got new sweatpants on Friday, last week, and I am for them, I am thankful. I put them on when I got home, and I haven't changed them since. 8 days and still going strong. Just doing my part to keep the laundry situation under control.

2. Amazon, and their delivery work force deserves significant recognition. Not only was Whole Foods flooded with people loading up bags of groceries for delivery, Amazon is also responsible for some of our quarantined family art time fun. The water color session yesterday was delightful. And today, alongside part of my latest book order, a new package of Crayola markers was delivered.

During all of this turmoil, stay patient, stay graceful, and thank your grocer and your delivery person and medical professionals and anybody else who deserves it right now.

Thank you!

...also, I bet you can't guess which one I am responsible for...



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