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Something Every Parent Should Consider

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Day 321


Feeling extra thankful tonight.

Thankful that my son still has both of his eyeballs intact.

I left work today after my wife sent me a text that made me sick to my stomach. Ace's eyeball had encountered a fork.

I don't know what his infatuation with the silverware is, but every time we turn around, he has a handful of it. No matter how much we tell him that butter knives and forks aren't toys, they remain one of his favorite things.

After an hour and a half of tears, he cried himself to sleep. After an hour and a half of napping, he cried for another hour. Maybe he learned his lesson...I doubt it.

We opted not to take him to the ER after Google research, which is always right, indicated that if there is a scratch on his eyeball, the treatment is similar to that of a broken finger or toe. They verify what you already know and send you on your way.

Maybe we should move the silverware out of the drawer and into an out of reach cupboard...we probably won't. Maybe we should put a child lock on the silverware drawer...that just sounds annoying...but I guess annoying is a price worth paying if it means my children get to keep both of their eyes.

This might sound like common sense, and even if you try, it might not make a difference, but save yourself a stomach ache and don't let your kids play with forks. Saying some extra prayers of thanks tonight that he seems to be okay.

Ace - 1

Fork - .5



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