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Some People's Parents...

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Day 347


I got to go with Mia to her water polo tournament today, on a rare Saturday off.

They were pretty over matched in both games, and the scores weren't pretty. But it was fun watching Mia start to shed the intimidation I've witnessed when she plays with the older girls. The confidence she exhibits when playing with girls her own age is clearly starting to carry over to the games when she is playing up.

With a 3 hour layover in between games, I got to spend some extra quality time with my book (The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People). In the process, a mother from another team was sitting nearby and commented on the book and that led to further conversation.

We discussed multiple topics, but much of our conversation was pertaining to the intensity of some of the parents in the crowd.

I'm sure thankful that I was fortunate enough to have parents who were model citizens when it came to watching me and my sisters play sports. Yes, some of you might know that my mother got ejected from one of my college baseball games, but she accomplished that without saying a word...apparently, fans just aren't allowed to flip a quarter while the umpire is watching...

Anyway, there sure are a lot of parents out there who are pretty ridiculous and take youth sports far too seriously. Articles about these parents pop up in social feeds on a regular basis. I remember these types of parents from every level I played at and coached at, though it is far less prevalent at the college level. I get to witness it while I am out watching high school baseball games recruiting (99% of the time, I don't recruit the children of those parents), and now I get to witness it as a parent.

My heart goes out to their poor children. Many of them, no doubt, must be thoroughly embarrassed.

Get a grip.

Let the kids play.

Let the coaches coach.

Let the officials officiate (yes, even when they are bad).

Support your kids in the way that they need it.

It's not about you.

Maybe I need to start carrying around copies of the Matheny Manifesto to pass out to the parents who are projecting their insecurities on their children based on the outcome of a youth sports contest. That's sure to go over well.

If you haven't read the Matheny Manifesto and you have kids who play sports, check it out. It's a good one.



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