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Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Day 301


Shane Snow's book, Smartcuts is deeply intriguing, to say the least. The stories shared within the pages are framed in a way that gives the reader insight into a different way of thinking.

Lateral thinking.

Lateral thinking is unconventional, and when performed properly, it can provide the avenues necessary to accelerate your pace on the path toward success: a path toward serendipity (accidentally stumbling into something great). Part of Snow's mission is to convince the reader "that serendipity can be engineered,that luck can be manufactured, convention can be defied, and that the best paths to success—no matter how you define it—are different today from what they were yesterday."

Snow observes 9 different factors that are present in the paths taken by so called lateral thinkers that have helped them skip many of the steps most others take while paying their dues. He calls these factors Smartcuts.

After examining the lives of high performers in education, video games, business, racing, and many other disciplines, who reached their pinnacle exponentially faster than others in their field, Snow gives us Smartcuts in an effort to help the rest of us shed some of the myths of conventional wisdom and create our own serendipitous fulfillment.

For anyone who might be interested in doing their part to find better ways to build a better world, pick up a copy of Smartcuts and learn how to accelerate your learning curve and improve your rate of performance.

"Hard work and luck are certainly ingredients of success, but they're not the entire recipe." The key is to learn "how to think, not what to think." In learning how to think, we give ourselves a chance to become "good enough to deserve it."



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