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Smart Phones: Take the Power Back

Day 270


I've been thinking a lot lately about setting a better example for my kids. Particularly in the area of how I use my phone.

I can't say with any level of integrity that I've been a model citizen in that regard.

My first adjustment was downloading the OnMyWay app that I wrote about on day 236. I have been a much safer driver and a much better example since taking that action. The only things I use my phone for while driving are podcast listening and navigation.

I've racked up $137.79 of OnMyWay cash in the process. Click on any of the OnMyWay links to download it yourself and have an added incentive to drive phone free...full disclosure, cashing out is easier the more referrals you get. So far, 7 other people have made the decision to join me on making the roads a safer place.

But the cash isn't the real point. I want to be confident that when my kids are ready to drive, that they will be safe and phone free. Knowing that Mia is only 2 years away is terrifying.

It's up to me to set that example.

This past week, I also deleted the social media apps on my phone...except Instagram and Snapchat. Instagram I'm hardly ever on, unless I'm...nevermind, nobody needs to read the rest of that sentence. And I do like to share the occasional picture or two, and I want that to still be possible. On Snapchat, I have one wife.

I don't want to be distracted by my phone when I'm spending time with my kids (or when I'm at work for that matter), so I made the choice to eliminate those distractions.

The smart phone is taking over the world, and this week, I took some of that power back. I still plan to check in with social media, but when I do, I will be on my laptop, without other responsibilities to tend to. Social media has become a priority in many of our lives, whether we want to admit it or not. And for many of us, it's hard to admit it. It's addicting, and that's a fact. It's too easy to lose an hour or two while scrolling through a news feed. Choose those hours wisely.

If you have kids, they are watching, and they need your attention more than your Twitter followers or Facebook friends do.

It's high time I stop hypocritically monitoring my kids' screen time while mine isn't under control. And it's time I give them both the attention, and the example that they need and deserve.

If you are interested in digging deeper into the matter, my buddy Dave is doing noble work with his new company, America Offline.

Or click on the picture below to read about why too much cell phone usage can hurt your family relationships.



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