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Searching For A Meaningful Life

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Day 297


The 2nd read through of The Art of Work is moving a little slower, but I'm enjoying it just as much. I'm inspired to be a better steward of my calling. My brain is constantly turning over ideas of ways that I can do that.

Part of the reason is because Jeff Goins writes stuff like this:

"Our responsibility is not to hoard our gifts but to use them in challenging ways so that others can benefit...your calling is a gift, one that is intended to be given away. Calling is a conduit for life, allowing us to bring our skills and passions together in a satisfying, meaningful way."

I can't add anything to that. It's stated perfectly.

What I feel is an acute awareness of the gravity of that responsibility.

People search for the meaning of life, when what they should really be searching for is a life that is meaningful. Answer the call.

Also, read the book. It's really good.



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