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Reminder: They're Always Watching

Day 403


This afternoon, Sara and I took our lawn chairs out front to do some reading and get our daily dose of Vitamin D. Mia was inside with Ace and Hope teaching them how to use the new Hot Wheels track to launch cars off of the dining room table.

After a few minutes of peace and quiet, out came Ace, fully equipped with his own chair, sunglasses, and book, Hope hot at his heels with her chair. He had apparently told Mia that he needed to go outside and be like Mommy (I wasn't even jealous that I wasn't included in his thought process...okay, maybe a little).

They plopped down next to us, and he began to "read" his book to Hope.

It was one of the cutest things I've ever witnessed.

It was a perfect reminder that the kids are always watching and that it is our duty as parents to consistently provide a good example.

It was fitting that this happened while I in the heart of the chapter referencing parenting in Mindset. Specifically, after laughing with Sara about the part that refers to normal young children misbehaving every 3 minutes. Ours definitely fall into that normal category. But it's moments like today's that make all of that misbehaving worth it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I promised Ace I would sleep with him on the air mattress in the living room tonight.

Wish me luck.



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