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Raise The Floor

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Day 265


When I do private instruction, I get paid well to help young baseball players improve their skills.

I spend a substantial amount of time getting to know them in order to earn the trust that is crucial to their receiving anything that I have to say.

From there, my primary goal is to help them build confidence in their ability to perform successfully, and I try to help them gain an understanding of what they are doing and why they are doing it so they have ownership over their craft and they are able to coach themselves. I want to get them to a place where they don't need me anymore. The last thing that I want to do is be a crutch. While that doesn't sound like a sustainable business model, it is. They know that I care far more about their success than any financial gain, and the vast majority of families that I work with refer more families in my direction.

One of the biggest points I try to get across is that the improvement of their peak performance is not the ultimate goal that I have in mind. While that is the sexy part, and it is absolutely part of the plan, it is not the focal point; it's not sustainable if that is the only focus.

They love to raise the ceiling, and I love being there when they do; however, my message to them is consistent, and it is about consistency. My job is to help them raise the floor.

My hope is that I can help each ballplayer I work with improve their worst days: to narrow the gap between their average performance and their peak performance. It is not quite as attractive at first, but once they realize that when they raise the floor high enough that it forces the ceiling up, it starts to make more sense.

I think this approach applies far beyond the batting cage and the baseball diamond.

What are you doing on a consistent basis to raise the floor of your performance?



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