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Quarantined Family Fun...and Books

Day 383


Entertaining kids is going to be the biggest challenge over the next few weeks.

I'm sure at some point they are going to go stir crazy...that might give us a perfect excuse to go outside and play in the rain and let them jump up and down in muddy puddles.

I did pick up some kids books, colored pencils, and a sketch pad that have all seem to have gone over well. The kids spent much of the last two mornings drawing at the kitchen table.

This morning, Mia was "entertained" by Saturday cleaning, every teenagers favorite activity, right? Then she spent the bulk of her afternoon in her room, drawing. She doesn't share many of them, but she is very good.

I look forward to getting creative with them while we are practicing social distancing together.

Variations of indoor soccer and wiffle ball filled out the rest of the hours before and after dinner. And, of course, books before bed.

As much as I'll miss being out on the ball field, I'm surely going to savor the opportunity to spend some uninterrupted quality time with my family.

That went totally a totally different direction than intended.

What I was going to write was something short and sweet along the lines of:

While under quarantine, maybe read some books instead of playing more video games or watching more Netflix...

Here's what I thought about the books I've read...

Book Recommendations

not pictured in book recommendations:
Legacy, by James Kerr...Awesome
The Matheny Manifesto, by Mike Matheny...Strong to Quite Strong
The Captain Class, by Sam Walker...the spellbinding book that I'm currently reading

Here is a list of books on Google Docs that I haven't's long, and I'm sure there are hundred

Current Book List



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