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Protect the Vision

Day 313


Last night, I spent some time in an intimate gathering of coaches that included the University of San Francisco coaching staff, who was facilitating a conversation about character, culture, and leadership.

USF director of player development, Craig Gianinno had already caught my attention at the ABCA Barnstormers event at San Jose State back in October (day 235). I was pleasantly surprised to find him on my flight to Nashville, so I introduced myself, and ended up sitting next to him for half of the flight since our New Years Day flight was at far less than capacity.

After spending that time with Craig, Saturday night's gathering was a no brainer, and it was worth it. USF head coach, Nino Giarratano added some tremendous value to the conversation.

I took multiple pages of notes that combined some of my own thoughts with many of theirs. The following is my takeaway from the conversation.

Character, culture, and leadership development is a continuous process. It's an all the time thing. It is about standards and vision and a perpetual reinforcement of the values that have been deemed most important. And it is constantly evolving. It's never a finished process. We never arrive, we are always becoming.

Character, culture, and leadership development is the cultivation of an environment that is a living and breathing organism: one that needs constant attention. Sure, things will come up. It's not a perfect science. Adversity will strike. Embrace it. Find a solution. "Protect the vision."

What is your vision?

What do you value?

Do your actions align with your values?

If you can't answer these questions, spend some time thinking about it. Your vision and your values ought to be clearly defined so that you can assess whether you are moving in the right direction.



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