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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Sara asked me the other night why I haven't been writing lately. the first response that came into my head was, I don't have time. But those words didn't escape my lipes. I knew they weren't true.

What I did say was the real truth of the matter.

It's just not something I've prioritized lately.

And, honestly, I am completely at peace with that answer.

Between moving and figuring out how to make a living and having a new baby and having 3 other kids and a wife that need their own time and attention, I have yet to recalibrate my priorities to include time to write. If I really wanted to, I could bump the alarm clock to 4 am to make time, but I don't, so I won't.

5 am is an early enough wakeup call.

And, before you ask, the hours in my day are all pretty well accounted for and productive. I don't even remember the last time Sara and I plopped down in front of the TV after putting the kids to bed...though I did spend some time the past couple of nights watching the MLB playoffs, which is absolutely a priority, and I'm not interested in arguing about it. Since we don't have cable, my brother-in-law allowed me to piggy back onto his streaming service to get my fix...thanks Devin.

Go Dodgers.

Back on track...

In the mornings, I make the coffee, I drink some water, I drink the coffee, and do my pushups (it's 100 these days sometimes I do a few more...I retired from 250 a day, and I'm okay with are my joints). Then I sit down in my chair and read for a bit, then I study some insurance products and sales practices in an effort to accelerate the learning curve and start creating a respectable income sooner rather than later.

I spend the middle of the day in the early phases of my new endeavor, building an insurance business. There certainly is something that is both scary and exhilarating about the 1099 life. Please send some prayers for lucrative opportunities to begin presenting themselves.

At the end of the day, I try to pour into my family and life is good

I have plenty of writing in the days and years ahead, but, at least for the time being, it is likely to be more sporadic than it was over the past year and a half or so as I learn the whos and whats and whens and wheres and whys and hows of prioritizationing in the early phases of this new chapter of, that was a long sentence. I hope you didn't get lost.

Until next time.



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