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Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Day 311


Day 1 of ABCA Nashville 2020 is in the books. If you are a baseball coach at any level, and you've never attended, you are missing out.

My 2 biggest takeaways so far are simple.

#1 When Tim Corbin speaks, you listen.

#2 Is something I've said many times before:

Life is bigger than baseball.

Coaching baseball is bigger than baseball. It's about people and relationships. Aaron Gershenfeld said today that in order to truly make an impact with your players, you must first invest in them. And that investment is built on a foundation of love and service.

Sure, the game of baseball is a tremendous part of it. The drills that have been and will be shared are great when it comes to the teaching of the game and aiding in the development of the physical skills of an individual. Being capable of helping athletes improve at their craft is crucial. As a coach of any sport or skill, being good at and improving your craft and knowing the x's and o's is a requirement. But all of that is not the separator.

The true skill is aiding in the growth and development of the human being. That is where the love and the service come into play. Loving and serving are how you invest in and bless the lives of the people who put their trust in you.

Your job is to be a positive life force that shines its light into the lives of those who need it. All young people, and everybody else, need that light in some for or another.

It is for this reason that I, and so many others, love to be around and hear the messages delivered by Vanderbilt's Tim Corbin, who was the star among stars of the show today. Everything he stands for is compelling. He inspires me to be a better man, in all facets of manhood: as a husband, father, brother, son, friend, coach...insert any other title here. Leadership begins and ends with character and integrity, and he both teaches and models his message as well as anybody.

I am so thankful for what I get to do as a husband, a father, and a baseball coach. I love the game. But my calling is bigger than baseball. Dr. Kevin Elko told a story that called us as humans not to seek blessings for our own lives, but to be a blessing in the lives of others.

I hope that wherever I end up, that I can be that blessing, that model of character and integrity, that positive life force to aid in creating an environment that supports development and growth in a way that might help somebody live a better life.



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