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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

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I heard Stewart Friedman on the Learning Leader Show with Ryan Hawk. (Episode 356).

I enjoyed their conversation so much, I bumped Friedman's book to the top of my list:

Parents Who Lead - written alongside Alyssa Westring .

The book is full of ideas.

Ideas about how to create a richer family life.

While maintaining performance and engagement in the work place and community.

It includes exercises designed to strengthen your family, career, community, and self relationships in a way that allows each element of the whole to support the next.

I particularly enjoyed reading their insights on community.

That element has been admittedly neglected in my family.

I'd like to try to change that.

"...being a parent, especially with young children, is associated with both having fewer friends and spending less quality time with them."

True on every level.

But it doesn't have to be.

It just takes some attention alongside intention.

"Friends, neighbors, and compatriots can be powerful sources of support - emotionally, logistically, and educationally."

In the day of the nuclear family, working parents need the support of their communities more than ever.

Our children need it, too.

"The children of engaged parents have higher self-efficacy, intrinsic motivation, and mental health..."

And while community engagements might seem like a burden, "Training your mind to see community engagement as nourishing, and not consuming, is possible when you think about how such activities benefit your family, your work, and yourself."

"When the chaos of daily life drives you inward, it's useful to keep in mind that when you seek out support, cultivate it, and give it back to others, you will usually find you are much less alone than you thought."

Your life only grows where you water it.

This book provides some direction to help you determine where to point your water.

There are no right answers.

Only what works for you

This is a uniquely complex topic.

It's different for every one.

You get to determine what might work best for your particular situation.

I hope you can find some solace in this...if you need it...I certainly do...especially during this time when community has been stripped away from us.

Parenting is hard for all of us.

We are not alone.

We can lead our families through whatever it is.




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