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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Day 476


When opportunity knocks, you've got to answer the door, and you've got to be prepared to execute. Taking advantage of opportunities is essential to success.

Sometimes, opportunities show up out of nowhere. But relying on opportunity to magically appear or waiting around for a stroke of good luck, however, is not a recipe for success.

You have to create your own opportunities.

You have to create your own luck.

You do that in your preparation.

So prepare mercilessly.

When you are prepared, you are more capable of capitalizing on the opportunities you create. And when you're prepared, and a great opportunity "magically" appears, the moment isn't too big.

It's just another moment.

Life is a collection of moments.

Treat them all with equal importance.

Create your own your own luck

by creating your own opportunities.

Create your own opportunities

by trusting your preparation.

Trust your preparation

by preparing mercilessly.

When you are mercilessly prepared

you exude confidence.

Use that confidence

and be fully engaged in the moment.



There's a cool door knocker. I want one...



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