• Woody

One Life

Day 484


We watched Jumanji tonight.

Not the Robin Williams one.

The one with the Rock and Kevin Hart and Jack Black.

Near the end, Kevin Hart's character says something along the lines of:

You only get one life. How are you going to live it? (not a direct quote)

It got me thinking.

There are many different ways to answer that question.

In the place I'm at right now, know that where I need to start is by choosing a better response when the kids are misbehaving...which sometimes feels like 31 hours a day, 9 days a week.

It hasn't been super peaceful around our house lately. And I am as much at fault as they are.

They sure know how to be difficult. But I am the adult in the relationship. If I want our home to be a more peaceful place, it starts with me.

They also know how to be loving and sweet and kind and funny and fun. But that can get overlooked amid the crying and fighting and fighting and crying that gets especially amplified after 3 months of quarantine.

Parenting is as challenging as any journey in existence. Every day I dig deep to find more patience and be better at navigating the challenges it presents.

In the coming years, while the frustrations will be be different, I know they'll still exist. And it is up to me to choose a productive loving response rather than let my emotions get the best of me and react in the frustrations of the moment. Parenting brings me more joy than headaches, but those headaches can be debilitating sometimes.

I'm thankful that I have 20+ more years to practice.

How are you living your life?

What can you do or change today that will help you live it better?



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