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No Rhymes. Just Reason.

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Day 417


It would be a stretch to call me a consumer of poetry.

And I certainly make no claims to being a poet.

I read Shel Silverstein's, Where the Sidewalk Ends as a child, and I have an inherited affinity to A.A. Milne, but that's about as far as my consumption of poetry goes.

Additionally, I have observed that the kids can memorize nearly every word of any of their books written in rhyming verse. That alone sheds a revealing light on the power of poetry. I even post a silly rhyme from time to time.

The vast majority of the time, when I'm rhyming, I think it comes from a place of laziness. Maybe laziness is the wrong word. The rhyming often comes out when I don't have much to say, or I don't feel like writing, but I honor my commitment to doing it daily. There are exceptions to this, of course. And laziness or not, they count.

However, on occasion, There is so much going through my head that I don't know where to start or how to process what's happening up there. I find that writing in the form of a haiku helps me work some things out.

The haiku structure acts as a guide: a constraint that forces me to be both concise and creative. I use the thesaurus liberally, so the haiku process is also helpful when it comes increasing the breadth of my vocabulary.

It has proven quite therapeutic, helping me to quiet the subjective clamor going on in my mind.

So if you ever come across any of my haiku creations (like yesterday's) and think, "what is this nonsense," it's just me, processing the noise: preserving my sanity.

If you have any ideas of poetry worth consuming, I'm open to suggestion.



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