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Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Day 409


Round 2 with Mindset was equally rewarding. I enjoyed every page.

I foresee myself reading and re-reading Chapter 7 infinity more times.

It is titled:

"Parents, Teachers, And Coaches: Where Do Mindsets Come From?"

Considering I'm all three of those, it comes as no surprise that the premise of this chapter speaks directly to my soul.

My biggest takeaway here is that just possessing growth mindset qualities is not sufficient in these roles. A growth mindset dominant parent, teacher, or coach with the best of intentions is still capable of creating a fixed mindset environment if they aren't careful.


"We as educators [parents and coaches] must take seriously our responsibility to create growth-mindset-friendly environments–where kids feel safe from judgment, where they understand that we believe in their potential to grow, and where they know that we are totally dedicated to collaborating with them on their learning. We are in the business of helping kids thrive, not finding reasons why they can't."


If we want to pass a growth mindset on to others, first we have to begin the journey within ourselves, then we must embody it with our actions and our words.

While beneficial to ourselves, if our own growth mindset is stuck in our own heads, it doesn't do anybody else any good. The growth mindset is not simply contagious by nature.

On one hand, having a fixed mindset is easy: you are what you are and that's the end of it. Fostering fixed mindsets in others might even come from nobile motives.

On the other hand, having a growth mindset and cultivating a growth mindset oriented environment is a challenge. The growth mindset requires constant nurturing, like a garden, in order to thrive. It's a challenge that commands intense dedication to the idea that improvement and excellence are achievable and not reliant on innate qualities.

Cultivating a truly growth mindset environment leaves behind an honorable legacy...John Wooden anybody?

It allows for hope. And it provides a road map toward potential.

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