• Woody

Living on the Edge

Day 340


I listened to episode 304 of the Learning Leader Show today. Ryan Hawk interviewed Laura Gassner Otting. Joe Ferraro interviewed her as well on episode 85 of the 1% Better podcast. I enjoyed both interviews, regardless of the politics. As a result, her book, Limitless, is on my list.

She said something on the Learning Leader Show that I haven't heard before. It was about the value of "living on the edge of your incompetence."

Incompetence is an uncomfortable feeling for all of us. Many of us shy away from situations, conversations, or ideas that make us feel incompetent or uncomfortable. Something I've learned that has stuck with me is that there is no growth in the comfort zone.

Competence is comfortable. I think it is fair to say that there isn't much growth in the competence zone.

Seek opportunities to "live on the edge of your incompetence."

Get outside of your comfort zone.

That is where the real learning happens.



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