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Letter of Recommendation

Updated: Feb 18, 2021


I wrote the following letter of recommendation for one of my graduate school professors, and I thought I would share it publicly because maybe that will help his cause. He is up for an award and one of the requirements is evidence of student rapport.


Dear Selection Committee,

I have never written a letter of recommendation before. And I couldn’t be more proud or more willing to write this one.

When I began graduate school at Texas A&M – Commerce, during the summer of 2015, it was my second go around. My first try, at a different institution, didn’t go so well. I wasn’t mature enough for the autodidactic nature of a graduate school education.

Also lacking in my first attempts was an instructor as committed to student success as Dr. Anthony Rosselli. After my failed first attempt at graduate school, I was determined in my second effort to earn a 4.0 gpa, and his guidance helped keep me on track. He was, and remains, very responsive in regards to answering questions and offering feedback, and he never shies away from a good, or bad, dad joke.

I have encountered many college professors in my educational travels, none of whom have been more engaged or more engaging than Dr. Rosselli. He was always very personable during my graduate studies, and he carried himself very professionally. I have also thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him on a little bit more of a personal level since graduating.

Someday, maybe we’ll get to meet in person. But until then, at least we have this picture together.

Most Sincerely,

Dustin Woodward, MS-HKSS, Class of 2017

PS While re-reading this before posting I realized that a couple of things were missing:

  1. If Dr. Anthony Rosselli is nominated for an award that is related to teaching, he probably deserves to win it, so skip all of the nonsense and just give it to him.

  2. I failed to actually recommend him for the award in the letter itself, so I will explicitly do so right here: After reviewing the eligibility requirements for the Maximo Plata Distinguished Award for Teaching, I am wholly convinced that Dr. Anthony Rosselli is deserving of this award, and I recommend him for it, without reservation.

Also, if you are ever in the market for a Master's Degree in a Health or Kinesiology related field, whether it be online or in person, I highly recommend exploring your options at Texas A&M University - Commerce. While you're there, take as many of Dr. Rosselli's classes as you possible. They won't be easy, but they will most certainly be worth it.

Dr. Rosselli presenting me with an award...I'm wearing an invisibility cloak...



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