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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

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I've always enjoyed biographies. As a kid, I had stacks of them. Most of them sports related, primarily baseball. I've always loved the game of baseball. I am fascinated by its storied history and the ball players that built the game as we know it.

Let's Play Two: The Legend of Mr. Cub. The Life of Ernie Banks, by Ron Rapoport, took me back to my childhood, where I spent hours learning about the people who played game I love. Though his playing days were well over by the time I was born, any real baseball fan is well aware of the legendary of Ernie Banks. If nothing else, you're aware of the three word's that are synonymous with his name, "Let's play two."

This biography chronicles Banks' life from the poor treatment of people of color that stains both baseball's and our nation's history books, through his personal life and storied Hall of Fame Career, all the way to the end of his days. Banks was beloved and misunderstood. I could feel the disappointment as I read about the 1969 Cubs blowing Ernie's first and only legitimate chance to win the pennant and participate in a World Series.

Rapoport's thorough research and intimate delivery of the story of the life of one of baseball's greatest players pulls you into the story and leaves you feeling like you almost know "the joyful, melancholy, humble, complicated, companionable, lonely man" that was Ernie Banks.

If you have a fascination with baseball history, Cubs fan or not, check it out.



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