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Leap Day

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Day 369


During late February of 2016, Ace was due any day, and I was hoping for a Leap Day baby. Sara wasn't too keen on the idea, and he came 2 days prior.

Leap Day is an interesting day every 4 years, and I thought it would be cool if my kid was able to get his drivers license after only 4 birthdays...thought I'm sure I would have worn that joke out long before that day came.

I really enjoyed Seth Godin's more serious thoughts on Leap Year in his blog today.

Here is is in its entirety:

The days in between

"Calendars are obviously artificial.

"Leap year isn’t a thing. Unless we want it to be.

"A bonus day, to do whatever we like with.

"Actually, we can have a bonus day whenever we choose, because the cadence of our days is up to us, more than we often want to admit.

"If you had more time, what would you do with it?"

The substance of our lives is up to us. How we construct each day is our choice. To create the life we want, to create the days we want, to create the experiences we want, to create the time we want requires discipline, courage, and, most of all, action.

So get after it. Go out and make it happen.



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