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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

2/26/19 Entry #1

This has been a long time coming. I have thought about it plenty, and made the excuse that I didn't know where to start.

I've told myself to just do it...thanks Nike... I'll start when I have the time. Thank you Joe Ferraro (I checked the podcast summary to make sure I spelled that right).

I have been binge listening to the One Percent Better Project podcast over the past couple of weeks every time I am in the car. After much thought, accompanied by Seth Godin's reccomendation to blog everyday (episode 26) and Penny Kittle's...dammit, recommendation, I knew that...reflection on students with "no time" to read, I realized that it was time to make time.

In a given day, I have very little me time outside of my commute, or on the toilet (just keeping it real). I will set aside ten minutes a day - minimum - to spend some time here. I know I can add value to the world, and I am sure that I have many profound thoughts that never get shared (sure I do).

My hope is that by spending time putting my thoughts on paper, and ultimately on the web, they may bring value to others. Maybe somebody stumbles across the blog I ultimately create (my intention is to transcribe, verbatim, hand written entries, as I think they will be more honest than a blog that gives me the option to delete mistakes, or second guess my writing.

I will also be able to mock my mispellings...i misspelled misspellings, cool...and poor grammar...good thing I kick ass at punctuation?). Maybe nobody does, but at least, by writing things down, they will be more present in my own mind and available to share in the conversations and interactions of my daily life.

The bulk of this, at least in the beginning, will be to document meaningful conversations and interactions that I have each day...meaning each day, I will seek to have, at minimum, one conversation with someone that is out of the ordinary, revealing something that may bring value to another human.

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