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In A Moment's Notice

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Day 382


What a weird few days, to say the least.

The current times will be written about in the history books.

Our children's children will learn about them in school.

While this is way bigger than any athletic contest, by some accounts millions of lives are potentially at stake, the athletic community has come to a standstill.

High school and college athletes nationwide, along with the rest of the world, are getting a strong dose of perspective that many of us washed up coaches know too well. It could all get taken away at any moment.

Athletes of any sport, and any that I have ever had the privilege of coaching, have often heard the cliché play every day like it's your last. Participation is a privilege. Some, who have scoffed at that advice in the past, are likely wishing now that they hadn't.

With the shut down of high school, collegiate and professional athletic programs, many have undoubtedly participated in their last sporting event at a competitive level, regardless of whether or not their eligibility remains in tact.

I really feel for the Olympians who have trained their whole lives for one chance, and, currently, that chance hangs in the matter what the IOC is currently saying.

The Earth will stay in orbit.

The human race will survive.

We will adapt and adjust and learn and grow, and we will hopefully use these times as a reminder not to take our moments for granted.

Not a single pitch, or a single shot, or a single race, or a single practice, or a single family dinner, or a single gathering with friends, or a single opportunity to serve someone in need.

Not even a late afternoon puppet show presentation by a four-year-old that you wouldn't have had the opportunity to witness if you were out recruiting at a high school baseball game.

I'm sure there are infinity more examples that could be used.

Remember this.

Life is a privilege.

Be a good steward of your moments.

Complacency is a waste of potential.

Cherish the people and things that you hold dear.

They could all be taken away at a moments notice.

Regardless of whether or not it feels like life is currently on pause,

It's not.

Life is for living.

It will be different for a while.

But it is still for living.

Be creative.

Live it well.

Maybe watch a puppet show...



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