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Ideas and Thinking and Stuff

Day 438


Often, as I am finishing a book, it makes me happy because I have something to write about built in. I still have to formulate words that are semi-coherent in nature, but having the basic idea in place gives me a starting point.

Writing isn't exactly easy, but coming up with good ideas is exponentially more difficult.

Day 439


Idea number 1:

Morning brain or no morning brain, I am going to start writing in the morning again.

Writing at night is cutting into my bedtime, which cuts into my morning time, which makes it near impossible to maintain a consistent sleep pattern. I'm trying to master this sleep thing. I keep failing. I'll get it figured out one of these days.

My mind has been muddled lately. I find myself rushing through my writing just to get it done. I am thinking that if I do a better job with my routine and my sleeping, my mind will be more clear.

Writing just so that I can check the box on my to do list is significantly less fulfilling than writing thoughtfully and passionately.

I think that goes for most things.

Anything done thoughtfully and passionately is bound to be more fulfilling than just going through the motions.

What boxes have you been mindlessly checking lately?

Find a way to inject more thought and passion into whatever it is, I'm certain you'll feel more alive.

Yesterday (technically two days ago, since this post includes two days)


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