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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Day 466

Day 456


I'm going to go read.

I like reading.

I just picked up a new book.

It's intriguing.

I need more.

I'll write about it later.

You can check out what I wrote about some books I've already consumed, if you

want to...go ahead: Books

There are 35 of them up there now.

I can hardly believe it.

Some of my favorites, in no particular order:

Legacy - Kerr

The Art of Work - Goins

Extreme Ownership - Willink & Babin

Atomic Habits - Clear

Mindset - Dweck

Blue Like Jazz - Miller

Give and Take - Grant

Anything Kleon

Anything Gladwell

I guess that's almost most of them.

Most of the others are pretty good,too.

My "Books to Read" list has become too large to share.

And I might have to slow down my reading habit.

So I can afford it.

It is truly remarkable how a reading habit,

especially when coupled with a writing habit,

has the power to impact your thoughts and behavior

in a positive, life altering way.

...If you want it to...

On second thought, maybe I'll go to bed.

That took significantly longer than intended.

Don't forget to check out Books

Someday, I might even have a bookshelf.



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