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I'll Think Later

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Day 406


Sometimes I wish my brain functioned better in the mornings and I could get my writing done consistently at the beginning of the day. Maybe that's just an excuse, but I've decided that my mornings are better spent reading.

When I'm reading, I can let someone else do my thinking for me. Or at least I let someone else give me something to think about.

At any rate, on some days that plan backfires and by the time evening and writing time comes around, when I try to think, nothing happens. I'm too tired to think and just want to go to bed.

Tonight is one of those nights. I'm going to listen to my brain and my body and go climb in bed.

I'll do the typing in the morning...therefore, if you are reading this, it's at least tomorrow.

While I don't put off inputting my journal entry into the blog very often, tonight I will. And I'm not sorry. I hope you'll forgive me anyway.



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