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Hope. Think. Feel.

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Day 300


I hope what I write is helpful.

I hope that some of it brings you hope.

In the end, hope shall remain.

I hope that some of what I write makes you think.

The words have, with certainty, been given much thought.

I hope, too, that some of it makes you feel.

Whatever it is that you feel,

I hope that it helps you live life better.

When you have hope

And when you think

And when you feel,

You live.

I guess maybe that's a poem?

You tell me.

I'm going to keep writing like this.

It's kind of fun.

In order for any of the above hopes to happen,

Somebody has to be reading the words.

I hope you'll subscribe.

I'm not selling anything.

Just sharing some ThoughtFood.

Because thinking is cool.

Sharing is cool too.

You can also keep going by clicking on the Yesterdays.

You'll have to click 300 Yesterdays to get back to the beginning.


Life changing days, no doubt.

And I'm only just getting started.

Join me.



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