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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Day 421


My career as a dryer repairman was short-lived.

It turns out that when your broken dryer is 100 years old, you're better off just buying a new one.

I was excited about educating myself in the art of dryer repair, especially with all of the free time I have on my hands to be handy these days. I'm no Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, but I like to at least attempt to do it myself before paying someone else to come in and do the job.

I did install a new toilet seat a couple of weeks ago...all by myself I might add.

Lesson of the day:

Sometimes things break.

Sometimes you can fix them.

And sometimes you get to swallow your pride and buy a new one.

I guess I could have built a clothesline to give myself more time to figure it out.

I didn't. The new dryer will be here Saturday.



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