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Hardcore Road Trip

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Day 413


I had the pleasure of spending 6 and a half hours in the car today. Well, two cars actually. And I'm serious when I say it was a pleasure. The traffic, or lack of it, was heavenly.

Since all the auto dealers in the Bay Area are currently shut down, and we needed a bigger vehicle, my best option was to go visit an old friend a few hours away to trade the 5 seater in for an 8 seater.

The trip gave me an opportunity to dig in to a podcast that has been on my list for quite sometime: Dan Carlin's Hardcore History.

My undergraduate degree is in history, a subject I chose purely for my own enjoyment. It's safe to say that Hardcore History is right up my alley.

With 3+ hour long episodes, even listening at 1.7x is a substantial time commitment, and what better opportunity to get started than a solo road trip. Now I'm hooked, and while I probably won't listen to many from start to finish in one sitting like I did during the course of the day today, I will be on a Hardcore History binge for the near future.

The long form presentations are worth every minute. Carlin claims he's not a historian, but he clearly puts in substantial time and effort in his research, and if he's not a historian, I clearly need an update on what the definition of historian is.

---Side note, I know I'm supposed to say "an" historian, but I think that's ridiculous, so I'll do what I want--

The show is excellent.

If you have any interest in history and haven't yet discovered Hardcore History, you're in for a treat.



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