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Happy Day of Valentine's

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Day 354


Valentine's day was great fun in our household.

The joy on the faces of the kids when they saw their Valentine's Day treasures waiting for them on the dining room table when they woke up was priceless.

A win at the baseball field was followed by victory brownies, Sara and Mia's annual treat for the team on our game closest to Valentine's Day. I'm sure Ace and Hope "helped" make them as well.

The little one's definitely enjoyed playing in the dirt after the game. They were covered head to toe in dirt by the time we left the field: exactly as a 3 and a 2 year old should be...mommy might disagree.

I'm glad we won. The brownies always taste sweeter after a win, and there aren't as many leftovers.

After the kids went to bed, Sara and I went on a Valentine's Day the couch...with burritos.

She's my kind of girl, no doubt about that.

My forever Valentine's are pretty special.

I'm a lucky man.



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