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Garage Conquered

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Day 429


It felt really good to use my hammer to take my aggression out on some nails today.

The shelves in the garage are mended as well as I could mend them without buying a Skilsaw and some lumber. The best solution would have been to rip them out and build new ones, however, a box of nails only costs 5 bucks.

We also used the opportunity to toss some boxes in the dumpster. I wonder how long it will take the kids to realize that some of the toys they never play with are missing. Don't judge me, they still have plenty left to fight over.

My next project will be to build a shoe rack for the garage. I might end up needing to buy that Skilsaw after all.

Either way, if your hands are feeling idle, go find a piece of wood and pound some nails into it for a couple of hours. Whether you are handy or not, it's sure to make you feel a bit better.



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