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Food and Football

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Day 327


I look forward to the day that a child or two of mine decides that they enjoy watching the occasional sporting event with me on TV. Me is completely disinterested, while Ace would rather watch anything with a dinosaur in it, and Hope would rather watch Peppa Pig.

I guess for now, I find solace in their enjoyment of the food. Sara prepped up some delicious bacon burgers during halftime of the Packers/Niners game today, and I gave Ace and Hope their first experience with Cool Ranch Doritos.

The Doritos were a success. Ace liked them so much that he asked me if they were candy.

I look forward to rooting for the Niners in the Super Bowl, and I hope every Raiders fan will join me. Rooting for the Chiefs is almost as despicable as rooting for the Cowboys.

And the Super Bowl Sunday has nachos on the menu, so there will be something for the whole family to enjoy.



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