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Fly Away

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Day 303


Reading, writing, and 250 push-ups done before 6 am (that happens rarely, but I guess when you wake up at 3:45, things get done earlier than normal).

Bags are packed as we will soon embark on a cross country journey to the Florida coast.

The entire Woodward clan (well, at least our faction) will be in attendance...some Phelps', Isles', and Read's will be there too. But they signed a legally binding agreement to join the clan.

It will be the first time the lot of us will be in the same place in quite some time.

I've been told that long flights with young children are quite memorable experiences.

The adventure starts now.

Wish us luck!

Maybe someday we'll get to make the trip in one of these.



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