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Everybody Panic

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Day 379


The media guides arrived for the baseball team today.

They look great.

Unfortunately, there were no fans at our game to give them to.

Because of the current mass panic about COVID-19, no spectators are allowed at any of the school's sporting events until further notice...and it looks as though everything in the area is going in the same direction.

However, It's all nonsense (the panic), if you ask me...I know, you didn't, but I have offered my opinion anyway.

If you are in the toilet paper or hand sanitizer businesses, good for you. You are about to have a killer quarter...bad choice of words?

Come on, people.

Last I checked, fear and panic and anxiety aren't antidotes for anything.

Unless there is a mandatory worldwide quarantine...good luck with that...the current coronavirus is going to run its course, and then it will be gone...until the next best thing to be unreasonably freaked out about shows up.

I am not insensitive to those directly impacted by loss of life or illness in any capacity, but fear and panic and anxiety never solved only makes things worse for everybody.

In other news, traffic was magnificent the last two days coming home from work.

So, I'll amend that last statement...fear and panic over a pandemic absolutely solves commuting issues in the short term...and many might now not have to shop for toilet paper for years.

But other than that, who are we kidding.

This is getting ridiculous.



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