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Updated: May 15, 2020

Day 444


Today, in the blissful silence while the kids napped, I decided against sitting on the couch, unplugging my brain, and watching TV.

Instead, I decided to engage my brain with a book and some writing while enjoying the perfect weather on the back deck.

I've written daily for the past 444 days, but today was the first time I sat down and wrote purely for an audience of one. Following the experience, I intend to do it more often. It sure felt good to write to myself. It was like having a conversation with myself, only in a way that doesn't make me look like I've lost my marbles. I've never had a diary, but after today's exercise, I feel much lighter in the wake of releasing some of life's anxieties on paper.

I don't plan to spill my guts to myself like that every day. But it is definitely worth it from time to time.

I do plan to reserve the blissful silence and daylight of nap time for something more productive than the television.

TV time on the couch with my wife is a guilty pleasure that can wait until after we put the kids down for the night.



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